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Free Robotics/Coding classes for girls in public schools

Every Child counts
An Initiative to expose kids to ICT skills in preparation to take on 21st Century career paths. We believe that every child should be able to program a computer to be able to understand the world around them.
The vision is to provide children in schools across Nigeria without access to certain educational tools with the opportunity to learn how to code as compared to children from private schools in a bid to achieve better quality of education in line with Sustainable Development Goal (4).
What We Are Doing?
We are hosting free robotics and coding classes for girls in Government Secondary School Gwarinpa-Estate, Abuja.
If students are taught biology and mathematics in order to understand the world around them, then knowing the basics of how computers communicate and how to engage with them should be a given.
Coding teaches you how to think and improves cognitive skills and creative thinking which can be applied to various aspects of life.
Why Girls?

There are biases against female involvement in certain academic disciplines, creating less participation in STEM classes and a higher dropout rate.
(Source: World Bank)

Girls do not have access to adequate education past a certain age, the current female adult literacy rate of Nigeria is 59.4%, compared to the male adult literacy rate of 74.4%
(Source: World Bank)

Workers with a STEM background earn about 26% more than those without.
(Source: NEEF)

We Need Your Help

We want to inspire these girls and encourage them to take on these STEM related fields, hence we believe your achievement in the STEM field would go a long way to inspire them.
We would love to show these girls what they are capable of, by showing them videos of various women in STEM fields.
Are you A woman in STEM?

Send us a video

Record a short video of your self with a smart phone answering just 5 questions.

You can also send us an image of you at work.


We record the video

Reside in Abuja Metroplis?
We can send a team over for a brief interview session (3mins Max)

1. Introduce yourself and what you do? (Tell us other fun things you love doing too).
2. How did you did you get into your chosen career path?
3. What is interesting about your chosen career path?
4. How can these girls get into such career field?
5. Lastly, any form of encouragement for the girls to get them to believe in themselves, work hard and never give up.
You don't have to worry about answering the questions at a go.
We would piece it all together.
Send the video to or or send us a message via Whatsapp on +2347034233196
What the girls are saying

Here is what the girls have to say

Testimonial of Participating Girls


I joined not because I wanted to but because I wanted to give it a try and when I joined the club, I really liked it a lot because it was all about computers. In my school we don't have computer lab, we don't offer computer but they took their time to teach us, I am offering data processing and I use to find it difficult due to the fact that there are no computers to do the practical, but with their help I was able to do well in my last term exam and also I learnt how to program some funny games I never knew existed.



(Head Girl 2019,GSS Gwarinpa Estate)


I learnt a lot from this club. I learnt how to program some games, how to produce animals (create sprites) how to control the game, what you want it to do. I have learnt many things, how to use a mouse, before I don't know how to use a mouse, I only knew how to use a keyboard. But now I have learnt a lot on how to use a mouse and how to create games.





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